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Posted on 20 Mar 2020

The Macrobiotic Approach to Containing COVID-19

The onset of the second wave of mutant Covid-19 is apparent. Here is to share with you the macrobiotic approach to containing Covid-19. After practicing the macrobiotic lifestyle for some time, you will begin to feel emotionally calmer with a clearer mind, and you will notice that your immunity is strengthened, making it less likely […]
Posted on 30 Dec 2019

Carrot Kanten Dessert Recipe

Woods Macrobiotic Cooking Academy of Southeast Asia 4 servings Organic ingredients: Carrot, grated, 100g Macrobiotic sea salt pinch Kanten bar, unbleached 5g Apple juice without added sugar 1 cup Water 1/2 cup Sauce: Ume vinegar 1 tablespoon Rice syrup 3 tablespoons Method: Grate carrot, squeeze out juice, set aside. Rinse kanten bar, squeeze dry, cut […]
Posted on 18 Jul 2019

Basic Miso Soup

4 servings Organic ingredients: 4 slices of corn about 3 cm thick, cut into half moon shape 3 cm Carrots, sliced thinly Pinch of cut wakame seaweed 600ml Macro dashi stock no. 1 25g barley miso, unpasteurized Garnishing: microgreens Method: In a stainless steel pot, bring Macro dashi stock to a boil over a gas […]
Posted on 16 Jul 2019

Sustainable Urban Container Gardening at Lapan Wellness Café

After eight whole months of dedicated love and care, the Lapan Wellness Café's urban sustainable container garden has finally begun to take shape. Apart from being able to add our own produce to the baked goods and the daily meals we serve, the luscious green patch right next to our café is also the most […]
Posted on 03 Dec 2018

Macrobiotic Recipe Starter Kit

Recipes from “The First Taste of Macrobiotics” by June Ka Lim. Food quality: macrobiotic, vegan, organic Menu: Miso Soup with Sweet Vegetables Tofu Salad Radish Shoyu Pickles Brown Rice Ball with Kombu Quick Wok-fried Vegetables with Sesame Seeds Adzuki Tea Recipe 1. Miso Soup with Sweet Vegetables 4 Servings Organic Ingredients: 30 g carrot 2 wild […]
Posted on 12 Jun 2018

A Community Permaculture Food Garden

The Gasing The Gasing is a community permaculture food garden managed by eMacro Health Asia. In the Malay language, "Gasing" refers to a spinning top, a toy designed to spin rapidly in spirals by balancing itself upon a single point when set in motion. It also happens to be the name of the place where […]
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