Last updated 11 Sep 2020

New Product by Lapan Wellness Cafe: Flaxseed Oil for Animals

For the love of animals...

Introducing an all-new product by Lapan Wellness Café: Flaxseed oil for pets & other animals.

Quality: certified organic

We want our pets and other animals to be fit and healthy, to perform to their optimal potential and have an excellent quality of life. Good nutrition is fundamentally important to help your animals to stay healthy as it provides the basic building blocks that their body needs to function at its best.


  1. Anti-inflammatory
  2. Improved oxygenation to the cells
  3. Healthy skin and shiny coat
  4. Alleviates cracked hooves and nails
  5. Alleviates allergic responses
  6. Decrease asthmatic issues
  7. Alleviates flaky skin conditions and eczema
  8. Strengthens immunity

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