Last updated 24 Apr 2018

Testimonial from Madam H. K. Lee with Type II Diabetes

Testimonial from Madam H. K. Lee (52 years old, Sydney)

Two months ago, I was diagnosed with the early stage of Type II Diabetes. I also had an ongoing weight problem which had gotten worse over the years. The two options my doctor gave me were either to lose weight by changing my diet and doing daily exercise, or to go on medication. I chose the first option and, with God’s grace, my niece introduced me to the macrobiotic diet.

The diet change was just amazing from day one. I had lost ten kg over 60 days and my blood sugar level had come down to the normal range. The healthy meals were introduced to me in a well-presented manner and looked appetizing, which were very different from the stereotypical image I had of healthy food.

I especially liked the fact that I could eat the food with a peaceful mind as all the food is clean and organic. I never once had to feel hungry after switching to a macrobiotic diet because I was taught how and what to eat. Two of the many valuable things I experienced and learned were the benefits of eating organic brown rice and the benefits of chewing my food properly whilst eating.

The meals were very easy to prepare and could be very tasty, especially once you had established a routine. I also liked how macrobiotics emphasized improving our lifestyle as well as the importance of maintaining a healthy emotional and spiritual wellbeing.

The macrobiotic diet and lifestyle has given me back my health, happiness, confidence, and the ability to participate and keep up with social activities with my family and friends. It has been a very positive and rewarding change in my life.