Macrobiotic Starter Kit



Macrobiotic Starter Kit is a convenient and balanced mixed of organic and natural healthy ingredients for your cooking in macrobiotic cuisine. The kit will come with online recipes to teach beginners on how to cook macrobiotic dishes. It is simple, healthy and complete with recipe for soup, rice, pickle, salad, vegetable dish and macrobiotic tea. The ingredients are in the original packaging, so it’s easier for you to plan on the next purchase.


Macrobiotic Starter Kit ingredients:

  • Organic Cambodia Brown Rice: 1kg
  • Organic Brown Sesame Seeds: 200g
  • Organic Shoyu: 500mL
  • Kombu Seaweed: 40g
  • Mirin (non alcohol): 300ml
  • Organic Instant Miso 1 box
  • Organic Adzuki Bean: 150g
  • Organic Brown Rice Vinegar: 300mL


Please click the link for the Sample macrobiotic recipes.

  1. Dishes recipe
  2. Brown Rice Recipe

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