Organic Voelkel Kombucha


Certified organic fermented enzymatic drink. Non-dairy, soy-free

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Description: Certified organic fermented enzymatic drink. Non-dairy, soy-free

Ingredients: *Green tea, natural mineral water, *raw sugar, *lime blossoms, *lemon verbena, *cornflower, *lemon, *nana mint, *nettle, *woodruff, *elderflower, *raspberry leaves, blackberry leaves, *licorice root, *marigold flowers, *black tea, *kambucha culture, natural occurring carbonated acid from fermentation. Less than 0.5% naturally occurring alcohol from fermentation.

*EC Certified organic agriculture

Natural suspended matter can occur, shake before use.

Nutrition facts: Amt/100g

Energy: 84kcal, carbo 5g, of which, sugar 5g, sodium 0g, protein 0g.Refrigerate after opening.

How to use: mix 1 tablespoon with 180ml warm water.Take before meal.

Functions: helps digestion, enhances nutrients absorption, strengthens immune functions, improve skin complexion, alleviates fatigue, alleviates constipation.

Net wt: 750ml
Retail price: RM 39.00+gst
Origin: Germany

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