Organic Creamy Tom Yum Soup (with coconut milk and chili paste)


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Product of Thailand

Net weight: 210g

Ingredients: Organic coconut milk, organic chili paste, organic cane sugar, salt, organic dried galangal, organic dried shallot, organic dried lemongrass, organic dried garlic, organic dried chili, organic dried kaffir lime leaves, organic dried coriander leaves, organic dried chili, acidity regulators (Citric acid INS330)


1. Prepare 500ml of water in stock pot, then add organic dried herbs and continue boiling until the mixture starts to release its aroma for 2-3 minutes. To balance the yin energy of coconut and sugar, please use kombu dashi instead of water together with  a teaspoon of shiro or barley miso to the liquid.
2. Add about 200g of your desired vegetables, boil until the vegetable is fully cooked. Add organic tom yum soup seasoning into the mixture and then stir well.
3. Add organic chili paste and stir all together, then tom yum soup is ready to serve.
Tip: Sprinkle organic ground hot chili for extra spiciness.


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