Cobon Ume Probiotic Drink



Cobon Probiotic drink

A super-food invented by Dr. Masakazu Tada, a scientist from the Imperial Tokyo University, Japan.

Product of Japan

Net wt: 525ml

Description: With 1 billion counts of friendly bacteria per 20ml. Active probiotic drink. Naturally cultured with wild yeast and 100% fruit juice and beet sugar for 1.6 years under stringent quality control.  No additives, colourants or preservatives. Contains rich trace minerals, Vitamin B group, 7 enzymatic acids, 10 kinds of amino acids.

Ingredients: Naturally fermented probiotic drink from apples, ume plum, beet granules, wild koji.

Uses: Dilute 10ml Cobon with 70ml warm water. Take before meal once or twice a day. Could be added to fruit juices, or ume plum vinegar for added benefits.

Functions: Acts to balance and neutralize the body pH, for improving and strengthening the friendly flora in the intestines. Prevents bloated stomach, ingestion, constipation, candida, yeast infection, skin diseases, strengthens white blood cells, anti-oxidant properties.

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