The International Macrobiotic Institute (IMI) is a world centre for macrobiotic education, research on diet and health, and sustainable approaches to food and agriculture, the environment, climate change, and peace. It offers instruction to the general public and professional training through classes, conferences, distance learning, publishing and web-based platforms and social media.


The IMI was founded by Edward Esko one of the world’s leading teachers and counsellors on the macrobiotic way of life. Edward studied personally with Michio Kushi for many years and served as Executive Director of the East West Foundation in Boston and Director of Education and Dean of Faculty at the Kushi Institute of the Berkshires.


Edward and Naomi Esko began the International Macrobiotic Institute in 2017 as a partnership to further the vision of their mentors George and Lima Ohsawa, Michio and Aveline Kushi, and others in order to make quality macrobiotic education and guidance available around the world.


About the Macrobiotic Online Course

In this first of its kind course combining video, audio, print, live interaction, and classroom study, students will have the opportunity to study all facets of macrobiotics with Edward Esko, long-time associate of Michio Kushi and Founder of the International Macrobiotic Institute (IMI) and June Ka Lim, the Malaysian macrobiotic guru with 28 years of domestic and international teaching experience.  The Macrobiotic Online Course is designed to enable students to gain ongoing benefit from their daily practice of macrobiotics while developing the knowledge and skill to guide and counsel others toward health and happiness. The Course will feature online  cooking classes with June Ka Lim plus video lectures with Edward Esko.


Edward Esko lecture topics include:


Healing with Energy

The Principles of Macrobiotic Eating

The Standard Macrobiotic Diet

The Standard Diet Adjusted for Malaysia and Other Regions

Macrobiotic Principles of Nutrition


June Ka Lim’s cooking and lecture topics include:

5 practical online cooking classes covering the basic skills of cooking, cutting styles, balance meal planning and cooking, table setting, different cooking methods, Yin and Yang in cooking and ingredients used, cooking with primary and supplementary ingredients, food healing and remedy preparation.


Edward Esko will meet 5 times with the class for a live interactive session during the Course


In Level 2, Edward and June will present the foundation of healthand healing through macrobiotics. Central to that understanding is the principle of the five transformations found in Chinese and other classic healing systems both in East and West. They will explain how to use the five transformations as an extension of yin and yang, how it is found throughout the natural world, from cells to galaxies, from seasons to epochs, and how it explains both physiology and energy function tin the human body. They will also explain the correlation of the body organs according to yin and yang, and how foods can be classified as the foundation for using food in health and healing. Students will gain an understanding of food as medicine both for themselves and for others.


Level 3 will help develop students’ skills to pursue work in healing, counselling, teaching, and leading the planet toward a bright future. Edward and June will explain the energetic structure of the human body, focusing on chakras and meridians, and how that system contributes to health or sickness. Dietary recommendations for enhancing energy flow will be presented. Then, further studies of the five transformations will be addressed, with a focus on healing the body’s organ systems and specific conditions affecting the internal systems. The curriculum will be completed with studies in methods of diagnosis of the face, hands, and feet, with live practice sessions included.




Copyrights reserved IMI Malaysia 2021

IMI Malaysia Macrobiotic online course Level 1
Course outline 2021
Conducted by Edward Esko & June Ka Lim
Fee: RM 4200
Live session
class One:
Healing with Energy
  1. Energy Structure in Nature and Human Body
  2. Chakras and Meridians
  3. Digestion
  4. Chewing and Saliva
  5. Food as Information
  6. Body Scrub to Energize Health and Energy
Live session Class Two:
Macrobiotic Diet
  1. Standard Macrobiotic Diet Pie Chart
  2. Standard Macrobiotic Diet Pyramid
  3. Description of Macrobiotic Diet for Tropical Climate
  4. Way of Life Suggestions
  5. Basic Shopping List
Live session Class Three
Macrobiotic Diet Adjustments
  1. Climate
  2. Environment
  3. Temperate Vs. Tropical
  4. Seasonal Adjustments
  5. Adjustments According to Age
  6. Adjustments According to Gender
  7. Adjustments According to Activity
  8. Adjustments According to Constitution and Condition
Live session Class Four
Macrobiotic Nutrition
  1. The Seven to One Ratio in the Environment
  2. The Seven to One Ration in Human Diet
  3. Seven to One Comparisons in Common Foods
  4. What are Macro-and Micronutrients”
  5. What is Protein?
  6. Minerals in Sea Salt
  7. Vitamins and Minerals
IMI Malaysia Level 1 course outline
  1. Plant vs. Animal Food
  2. Complex vs. Simple Carbohydrate
  3. Fats and Other Nutrients
Live session Class Five
History of Macrobiotics
  1. Eastern Culture (China, Japan, India)
  2. Western Culture (Bible, Celtic, Greece, etc.)
  3. Staff of Life
  4. Wheat vs. Rice
  5. Hippocrates
  6. Twentieth Century Revival (Ohsawa, Kushi)
  7. Twenty-First Century Macrobiotics
12 class videos
5 cooking online classes by June Ka Lim
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Class dates for Live sessions by Edward Esko
June 6, 13, 19, 20, 27
Time: 8pm to 9.30pm
Class dates for Cooking classes by June Ka Lim
To be confirmed
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