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Pioneering the Malaysian organic industry since 1993, Woods macrobiotics has been greening Malaysia with the countries’ first vegan green café, grocery store, and bakery. Today, Woods Macrobiotics celebrates a new addition in the form of a café called the Lapan Wellness Café, which provides wholesome vegan food and drinks direct from the garden to the table.


In the Malay language, “Lapan” refers to the number eight, a figure of infinity and an analogy to the endless pursuit of our own health and wellness. The management of Lapan Wellness endeavours to operate in a highly sustainable manner with zero waste, made possible because most of the produce served in the café is sourced from our very own permaculture food garden at “The Gasing”.


Currently, another container garden is under construction besides the café, and soon our customers will be able to taste the freshest of foods served immediately after harvest. Food scraps are gathered and recycled into compost and returned to the garden to re-energise and revitalise the soil. Certain edible yet less frequently used parts of our ingredients are transformed into new and innovative dishes – for example, broccoli and cauliflower stems are turned into delicious probiotic lactic acid pickles which gives an amazingly refreshing crunch. We try to keep as much of the vegetables unpeeled as possible to maximise nutrients, retain energy in its whole form, and more importantly to minimize food wastage.


Most of the decor used in the café are made out of recycled materials, whereas the tables and chairs are “rescued” from our charitable friends and business associates. The cutlery and tableware we use comes in different shapes and sizes procured from various recycled sources. Our garden-to-bar concept is also catching on and well received by our clients, who loved our complementary infused water served on a daily basis using herbs plucked from the garden, a real quencher for thirst and fatigue after a long day of hard work (drinking straws not provided).


Lapan serves only clean food and drinks, unadulterated and minimally processed. With our extensive list of dishes contrived from Eastern and Western fusion cuisine, you are sure to find something to love on our menu.



1993年,云水正食 (Woods Eco-cuisine Sdn Bhd) 开拓了马来西亚的有机事业,以绿色食品,餐饮,慢食面包坊和烹饪课程,绿化了马来西亚。今年十月,再喜添了一家绿色餐厅 “八风吃喫茶店”,提供低碳菜园至餐桌概念纯素健康餐饮。


“Lapan“在马来语是“八”, 也是无尽的意思。即意无止境的追求自身的健康和福利。八风管理层致力于环保节能及零废物永续概念,再配合自家的永续农耕菜园,“陀螺园”收割入菜的蔬菜和果物,实现天地人的永续健康。


目前,在八風喫茶店的一旁,管理层在打造一个集装箱永续菜园,在不久的将来,八风客户会幸福洋溢的品尝到最新鲜收割的蔬菜果物。在八风,厨余集中回收投入堆肥桶化为春泥护花去。有些可食用但比较少吃的蔬菜头尾如花椰菜心和茎被转化为脆口的乳酸泡菜和创意菜肴。因为使用的蔬菜果物是有机栽培而无污染,八风厨师也不削皮,完整保存蔬菜果物的养分和能量, 最终目的还是要把厨余废物减至零。


八風餐馆内的装潢大部分是再造循坏使用物件,座椅是慈善朋友或机构捐献,餐具来源自环保站,形状不一。 菜园至饮料吧的概念也很受客户欢迎,每日提供免费的草药蔬果茶水,解渴或解压的好效果,很讨喜。(八风不提供吸管)




You are also welcome to relax and indulge in our fine tea bar, the first of its kind in Malaysia to serve tea that is both pure and sustainable.



Lapan Wellness Café
Operation hours: 9.00am to 4.00pm daily (Closed every Thursday)
621, Jalan 17/8, 46400 Petaling Jaya, Selangor, Malaysia.
Tel: 03-7948 0095
Whatsapp: 012-8775138

Sustainable Urban Container Gardening at

Lapan Wellness Café


After five  whole months of dedicated love and care, the Lapan Wellness Cafe’s urban sustainable container garden has finally begun to take shape. Apart from being able to add our own produce to the baked goods and the daily meals we serve, the luscious green patch right next to our cafe is also most soothing for the eye.


Within an extremely limited area, we managed to nurture up to 65 varieties of fruit trees, herbs, vegetables, and flowers. Herbs that garnish the dishes served at Lapan Wellness Cafe can’t get any fresher as they are harvested first thing in the early hours of the morning from our very own sustainable garden.


Various seedlings from these chemical-free herbs and vegetables are available for sale. For more information please contact:

Whatsapp: 012-8775138

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