Lapan B&B

Life is never as great as we want it to be.

Each day, we find more and more things to complain about.


As our patience with everyday occurrences wears thin.

It is time to slow down and dedicate some time to ourselves.


Time to step back and breathe.

Time to cleanse ourselves deeply and thoroughly.

Time to reflect and reassess,

And regain our own balance in life.

Introducing first of its kind in Malaysia: the Sustainable Lapan Holistic Lifestyle and Remedial Service


Lapan holistic remedial service is tailored for hardworking city dwellers, designed specifically to help guests reboot, re-orientate, and re-energize yourself in a hectic, urban lifestyle.

Participants of Lapan Remedial Service will follow the Lapan Fasting and Detoxification Programme, which consists of a mindful eating plan for either


  1. A mini 3-day detoxification programme RM 430; OR
  2. A full 7-day detoxification programme RM860.


The menu consists of 3 detoxification meals per day with cleansing snacks for mid-morning and afternoon tea, as well as detoxification beverages and a single session of ginger compress for regaining vitality.


Participants have the choice to live-in, eat-in, or takeout vegan food prepared in the Lapan Wellness Café kitchen.

Additional room charges will apply for live-in participants.

Rates :

  • RM98 per night for a single room
  • RM180 per night for a double room
  • Vegan organic DIY breakfast included.

Lapan Wellness Café also offers the following services:

  1. Lymph detoxification programme & cleansing diet RM 295.00 per person per 1.5 hour session with a cleansing macrobiotic meal served with herbal infused beverages).
  2. Ginger compress programme & vitalizing diet RM 200 per person per 40 minute session with an energizing macrobiotic meal served with herbal infused beverages).
  3. Diet & lifestyle consultation services RM200 per hour or part thereof.
  4. Learn a skill while traveling – B&B service with Sado sustainable tea making lesson and nature walk


RM380 per night for a single room

RM580 per night for a double room.

DIY breakfast & hot beverages included.

Food quality: macrobiotic, organic, vegan.

To reserve your spot please contact:


Whatsapp: +6012-8775138

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