Kushi Macrobiotics Programme Introduction

The Kushi Macrobiotic School Malaysia (KMSM) was incorporated in 2018 in Tokyo after an agreement was established between Midori Kushi and June Ka Lim of Woods Macrobiotic from Malaysia.


KMSM is led by June Ka Lim who pioneered the organic industry in Malaysia and introduced macrobiotics to Malaysia in 1993 and has since established a health and healing macrobiotic centre benefiting many people both local and from abroad.


Kushi Macrobiotic Programme

The Kushi Macrobiotics Programme (also known as the Macrobiotic Leadership Program) is a Kushi Macrobiotic certified and internationally recognized program offering an in-depth study of macrobiotics. The course was originally developed by Michio and Aveline Kushi and imparted at the Kushi Institute in the United States since the 1970s. Since then people from all over the world and from all walks of life interested in the macrobiotic approach have taken the course whether for personal reasons or professional purposes. Presently the program is being offered at various locations around the world, making it more easily available and better suited to meet the demands of a growing interest for leading more balanced, healthful lifestyles and integrating holistic, environmentally sound and sustainable practices in contemporary society.


The Kushi Macrobiotics Programme is a comprehensive course containing a wealth of information and macrobiotic knowledge, which along with direct guidance from the teacher and hands-on practice provides an opportunity to fully benefit from the learning experience and gain advance skills. Whether you wish to improve your health and wellbeing, learn how to prepare balanced and delicious meals using wholesome foods, take better care of your family or broaden your view and understanding of life the Kushi Macrobiotics Programme is for you.

The Kushi Macrobiotics Programme level 1 is also designed for those who wish to incorporate macrobiotics into their professional careers and life dream. By progressing in the course, the students acquire theoretical and practical tools, refine skills, gain experience and can further develop their abilities, qualities required in order to convey macrobiotics, help guide others and actively participate in society by contributing to create a better world.

Course Description

Level I is intended for beginners and those who are new to macrobiotics. It introduces basic aspects of the macrobiotic approach for making meaningful improvements in the quality of our lives through adjustments in the way we eat, select our food, cook and incorporate healthful lifestyle practices. The course contains practical advice and step-by-step guidance towards succeeding improving modern dietary and lifestyle habits and making profound life changes with long-term benefits while also contributing to environmental sustainability and social improvement. In addition the students explore original macrobiotic views based on traditional oriental culture and way of life and learn practical applications to develop themselves through self-care that are helpful to make better life choices, maintain greater balance and feel a growing sense of inner peace and wellbeing.

Module 1


  1. A Brief History of Kushi Macrobiotics


  1. The Macrobiotic Way of Eating
  2. Criteria for Food Selection
  3. Introduction to Macrobiotic Cooking
  4. Making a Smooth Transition


  1. Daily Foods


  1. Healthy, Natural Lifestyle


  1. Nutritional Balance
Course Description

Beyond introduction and becoming familiar with fundamental aspects for personal transformation covered in Level I, Level II takes a deeper and wider look at macrobiotics. It goes into more detail showing the nutritional and dietary advantages of the macrobiotic approach with particular emphasis understanding the benefits of traditional eating patterns and balanced plant-based diets. As we discover new, practical applications in daily life for the use of yin and yang theory, the course explores other macrobiotic views based on oriental notions like Ki energy and the 5-transformations, practical tools helpful for enhancing health and alleviating common problems. The course also focuses on how to take better care of the whole family and touches on various key issues including healthy pregnancy, natural birth and raising happy children. In level II cooking becomes more specific and includes interesting workshops and informative cooking classes focused on certain themes, including the energetic application of yin and yang and 5-transformation theories to strengthen overall health as well as help relieve particular conditions. In addition level II also introduces macrobiotic exercises and certain bodywork techniques useful for developing body and mind, release tension, manage stress and regain better balance.



  1. Nutrition ABC


  1. Introduction to Yin and Yang
  1. Yin and Yang in Food
  1. Yin and Yang in Cooking


  1. Seasonal Cooking
  1. Eating in Harmony with the Natural Environment


  1. Creating Nourishing Meals
  1. How We Eat Matters


  1. Balancing Our Way of Cooking and Eating
    • Daily Adjustments
    • Eating Sequence
    • Personal Adaptations
Course Description

Level 3 is particularly designed for those who wish to incorporate macrobiotics into their career and lifework. Besides continuing to consider personal growth and family concerns, Level 3 takes a more social and global perspective at the macrobiotic approach. It focuses on how improvements in diet, lifestyle and other essential aspects of our way of life can have a positive influence on our planet as a whole and all beings. With that in mind, personal transformation becomes the key and means to change the world around us and eventually become part of the solution to address relevant problems facing humanity today. Level 3 looks at the possibility to create a new world food culture and includes how to adapt the macrobiotic way of eating globally and find a long-term, sustainable way to nourish humanity that is healthful, environmentally sound and fair. In regards to health, it focuses on prevention, relief and possible recovery from major contemporary health problems affecting humanity that are now reaching epidemic proportions including cardiovascular diseases such as high blood pressure, heart disease and stroke, cancer, metabolic syndrome, obesity, diabetes, osteoporosis and other bone problems, mental health as well as infectious diseases. Level 3 also introduces unique aspects of Michio Kushi’s core teachings and practical applications that will help raise awareness, become more mindful and gain a better understanding of humanity and life. It examines the vision of One Peaceful World and considers the role of macrobiotics for contributing to realize this shared dream of humanity. For the successful completion of the whole program, an active engagement from the student in the process of learning, thinking and practice is encouraged as well as developing a more caring and considerate spirit in order to teach and help guide others, qualities recommended for anyone interested in contributing to create a better world through macrobiotics.



  1. The Progressive Development of Disease


  1. Natural Approach to Health
  1. Regaining Balance through Discharge


  1. Macrobiotic Approach for Relieving Common Conditions


  1. Ways to Tell our Health through Visual Diagnosis


  1. The Environmental and Social Impact of Our Way of Life
  1. Creating a Better World through Macrobiotics