IMI LEVEL ONE Course content.

IMI LEVEL ONE Course content.

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LEVEL ONE Course content
Fee: RM 5430/Level of 3 modules+RM100 shopping voucher

Class One:
Healing with Energy
       1. Energy Structure in Nature and Human Body
       2. Chakras and Meridians
       3. Digestion
       4. Chewing and Saliva
       5. Food as Information
       6. Body Scrub to Energize Health and Energy

Class Two:
Macrobiotic Diet
       1. Standard Macrobiotic Diet Pie Chart
       2. Standard Macrobiotic Diet Pyramid
       3. Description of Macrobiotic Diet for Temperate Climate
       4. Way of Life Suggestions
       5. Basic Shopping List

Class Three:
Macrobiotic Diet Adjustments
       1. Climate
       2. Environment
       3. Temperate Vs. Tropical
       4. Seasonal Adjustments
       5. Adjustments According to Age
       6. Adjustments According to Gender
       7. Adjustments According to Activity
       8. Adjustments According to Constitution and Condition

Class Four:
Macrobiotic Nutrition
       1. The Seven to One Ratio in the Environment
       2. The Seven to One Ration in Human Diet
       3. Seven to One Comparisons in Common Foods
       4. What are Macro-and Micronutrients”
       5. What is Protein?
       6. Minerals in Sea Salt
       7. Vitamins and Minerals
       8. Plant vs. Animal Food
       9. Complex vs. Simple Carbohydrate
       10. Fats and Other Nutrients

Class Five:
History of Macrobiotics
        1. Eastern Culture (China, Japan, India)
       2. Western Culture (Bible, Celtic, Greece, etc.)
       3. Staff of Life
       4. Wheat vs. Rice
       5. Hippocrates
       6. Twentieth Century Revival (Ohsawa, Kushi)
       7. Twenty-First Century Macrobiotics

Plus 12 live cooking classes by June Ka Lim 


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International Macrobiotic Institute
Massachusetts * New York * Barcelona * Dubai, UAE, *Malaysia




Payment can be made through bank in. Bank detail is as follow:


Bank Name: Woods Eco-cuisine Sdn. Bhd.

Company No: 276699k

Bank Type: Malayan Banking Berhad (Maybank)

Bank Acc No: 512231397624


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