Last updated 01 Nov 2022

Healing Obento Lunch Boxes

We have updated our Obento offerings. You can order them online here.

Food Ordering Terms & Conditions:

  1. Minimum meals per menu: one package
  2. Daily lunch/dinner except Thursday and public holidays.
  3. Payment in full before delivery.
  4. Payment is transferable but not refundable.
  5. Cancellation lead time: 2 days' notice. Last minute meal cancellation considered sold.
  6. Delivery charge to be paid separately. Order valid for 2 months after signing up.
  7. No refund will be made if not taken up within the validity period.

All menus are based on Omakase concept, where the chef decides what to prepare for the day. Meals consist of:

  • 1 activated grain dish
  • 1 vegetable dish
  • 1 protein/bean dish
  • 1 seaweed dish
  • 1 soup of the day

CF Menu: with an additional two dishes

  • FREE: Lactic acid pickles

Note: Activated long grain brown rice is the main primary food.

* All prices exclude delivery.

* Paper lunch boxes are provided free of charge.

You can order them online here.