Last updated 04 Apr 2022

Forthcoming macrobiotic classes

Lapan Wellness Net School presents
2022 Apr & May Online Courses

Course 1:
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Lesson 1 : Macrobiotics for beginners, Theory
Date: Apr 16 time: 8pm-9.30pm
Medium: English
Course content:
Macrobiotic theory: macrobiotic concepts, history, food chart, food combination, food energy, how and when to start, food functions, food category.

Lesson 2: Macrobiotic cooking for beginners Practical cooking
Date: Apr 30
Time: 2pm to 3.45pm
Course content:
Balancing food ingredients, how to cook wholesome and delicious brown rice, how to enhance the life-force of brown rice, benefits of eating brown rice, how to cook miso soup with unpasteurized miso, how to prepare condiments and use of seasoning for balancing a meal. How to eat and enjoy a meal.
Fee: RM 240 for 2 lessons, including macrobiotic organic ingredients and postage. Outstation students exclude fresh produce.
Conducted by: June Ka Lim, macrobiotic counsellor

Course 2
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Lesson 1: macrobiotic for beginners with cancer care and diet theory(1)
Date: May 14
Time: 8pm-9.45pm
Medium: English
Course content:
Know yourself, how quality of food affects your health, how cancer develops, excess and accumulation, how to discharge access naturally, anatomy, types and Yin and Yang of cancer

Lessons 2& 3 Macrobiotic Practical cooking lessons
Date: May 28
Time: 2pm to 5.30pm (2 lessons)
Fee: RM 360 (3 lessons) including macrobiotic organic cooking ingredients and postage. Outstations students exclude fresh produce.
Medium: English
Course content
Lesson 1:
Practical cooking class for Yin cancer and remedy, food functions
Lesson 2:
Practical cooking class for Yang cancer and remedy, food functions
Conducted by June Ka Lim, macrobiotic counsellor

Food quality: Macrobiotic, organic, vegan

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