Our Story

and a brief introduction to macrobiotics

History & Business Offerings

Established on September 22nd, 1993, Woods Eco-Cuisine is Malaysia's first total health and healing center concerning vegan, organic, macrobiotic food, diet and lifestyle. Our lineup has been growing steadily with the addition of the following outlets:

Lapan Wellness Café

Combined storefront of café, bakery, and grocery store serving vegan food and drinks straight from the garden to the table. Managed by Woods Eco-cuisine.


Lunch delivery service managed by Woods Eco-cuisine.

Hanspeter Bio Bäckerei

German style artisan bakery managed by Woods Eco-cuisine.

Woods Macrobiotic Cooking Academy of Southeast Asia

Managed by Woods Eco-cuisine.

Unsui Zen Vegan Macrobiotic Private Kitchen

By appointments only.  Managed by Woods Eco-cuisine.

Business Culture & Community

We know that pure, unadulterated food contains nutrients and energy crucial to our health and well-being. Therefore, when it comes to eating, we should always prioritize safe and whole foods that heals and nourishes our body. This is the purpose for which Woods Macrobiotics is founded upon — to help people regain their health through natural, dietary means.

We believe that true health and healing can be achieved by consuming pure, plant-based foods, and we always choose vegan, cruelty-free and organic whole foods to create a harmonious and chemical-free work and dining environment for employees and patrons alike.

We also believe in nurturing and giving back to the Earth the same way it nurtures and provides for us. We strive to be socially and environmentally responsible in every aspect of our practice, and we go to great lengths to minimize waste. 

What is Macrobiotics?

The roots of the word “macrobiotics” originated from a combination of two Greek words: makros, which means long or large; and bios, which means the course of human life. The term “macrobiotic diet” literally means a “long life diet”.

The goal of macrobiotics is to study and practice harmonious coexistence with nature to achieve happiness and good health by adhering to 4 core macrobiotic tenets in our everyday life:


food, nature and the human body are all closely connected


pure food is the best medicine for the body


eat food in its whole form


adjust diet and lifestyle to maintain balance in Yin and Yang

Meet Our Founder

founder of International Macrobiotic Institute Malaysia, holistic nutritionist, trained macrobiotic vegan chef and counselor, permaculturist, author & lover of nature

June Ka Lim

June has pioneered the Malaysian organic food industry since 1993 and continues to advocate for the healing power of food through a macrobiotic and vegan lifestyle. She has founded and operates a macrobiotic food healing centre by the name of Woods Macrobiotics and Lapan Wellness  Café, jointly located in Petaling Jaya, Malaysia.

The word "Lapan" is taken from the Malaysian language. It refers to the number 8 as a figure of infinity and an analogy to the sustainability of the café. It is also a symbol of June's ongoing mission to teach and share her knowledge both domestically and internationally on how we can improve our health and wellbeing to achieve peace, happiness, and freedom.

June had completed extensive training in macrobiotic food healing in Europe, the USA, and Japan, and had authored 4 macrobiotic publications throughout her career. Apart from her home country of Malaysia, June had also gained widespread renown internationally and had been invited to share her expertise in Singapore, Thailand, China, Spain, and Italy.
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Do not expect a harvest simply because you had sown the seeds. It is the consciousness of living in the present moment that is of the essence.

— June Ka Lim