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Our Story

Woods Macrobiotics was established on 22-9-1993 as the first Malaysian Macrobiotic total health and healing centre, providing vegan Macrobiotic organic food including beverages, fresh produce, grocery, health books, magazines, healing CDs, obento lunch boxes delivery service, health cooking classes and diet consultation service.


Our Menu

Menu includes appetizer, soup, salad, main course and dessert are prepared based on Macrobiotic principles without chemical additives, preservatives, colouring, M.S.G., refined sugar, refined white four or white rice, eggs, meat and dairy products. Food ingredients such as whole grain cereals, fruits, vegetables, seasoning and dried foods are organically grown and mostly of Japanese origin.

All food are freshly prepared and cooked upon orders for retaining nutrients. With the customers’ health and wellbeing in mind, microwave oven is not used in the kitchen for re-heating food.



  • Healing with pure plant-based food
  • Nurture the earth as it nurtures us
  • Sustaining personal and environmental health by providing organic whole food
  • Reduce waste
  • Create a chemical-free working and dining environment
  • Cruelty-free
  • Socially responsible

Lapan Wellness Cafe Operation Hours

10am to 8pm
10am to 8pm

Macrobiotic Diet & lifestyle Counseling

The Macrobiotic Diet is centered on the ancient oriental philosophical principals of Yin & Yang (balance and harmony), you will experienced in the way you prepare food enabling you to achieve harmony within yourself and the environment.


Our Cooking Academy

Cooking classes are an important component of effective Macrobiotic Diet and Lifestyle. Woods Macrobiotic cooking classes are delivered in a professional and supportive environment where you can learn the necessary skills with which to prepare Macrobiotic healing foods and remedies.

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