K S Voon

Before my skin problem developed, I had pimple-like spots on the skin. Eventually a reddish rash appeared all over my body, particularly at the back of my legs and arms. Later it turned into a type of psoriasis. Doctors told me I needed to take steroid on a long term basis. I turned to Woods Macrobiotics because I wanted to heal myself with natural remedies rather than drugs for the rest of my life.

After consulting June Lim of Woods Macrobiotics, I followed a course of specialized macrobiotic food and dieting. I was given a list of food to avoid which could aggravate my situation.

It took over three months to clear my skin after changing to a Macrobiotics diet. I am most grateful to the macrobiotic approach to health.

Thank you.

Tan Hui Ai

Since young, I have been a meat eater and choosy as far as food is concerned. As such I have developed a skinny and sickly physique. I often had cough, flu, sensitive skin, gastric pain and insomnia. To protect my health I went on antibiotics. Meanwhile, I tried the conventional vegetarian diet. But after eating mock meat, I was thirsty and tired and my tongue felt uncomfortable the whole day.

When Woods Macrobiotics opened 15 years ago offering a healthier vegan food with organic ingredients, I was relieved as finally I had an alternative and healthier place to eat. Foods served at Woods are free of sugar, dairy, eggs, meat, hydrogenated fat, chemical additives and even non-G.M.O.

About 4 or 5 years ago, I found a few lumps in my breasts. Together with the stress at work, I suffered from intense headaches. I visited Woods more often, in the hope that with macrobiotic diet, I could build up a stronger immune system. Meanwhile, my doctor advised me to remove the lumps and the date of operation was fixed.

I consulted June Lim of Woods Macrobiotics who advised me to look at my problem in totality. She planned a macrobiotic menu for me, suggested I start a zen meditation course to heal my nervous system and immune system and Taichi exercise to increase the energy level in the body and improve my appetite. She said my main problem was emotional stress which I needed to look at seriously. After a few months, the doctor told me my lumps had disappeared and I was considered very lucky.

I have full confidence in the macrobiotic diet and always friends and family members about it. I am a regular customer at Woods now. Woods is unique and outstanding because of its total health concept, professionalism, trustworthiness, creativity and enthusiasm. Each time a new menu is introduced, it has taken customers including myself by surprise. We are always amazed at how simple plant ingredients become such delicious, beautifully presented and satisfying meals. Other than health benefits, the macrobiotic diet is satisfying too in terms of sight, smell and taste.

Cannex Chua

Since childhood, I have had ear ache, headache and indigestion. I also caught cold and flu easily, and couldn’t sleep well. I took many drugs and medication but they didn’t help. I suffered and felt helpless with no one to turn to.

When I finished university, I was lucky enough to get a job at Woods macrobiotics and could enjoy free macrobiotic meals twice a day. After eating healthy food for six months and with June’s advice I found my immune system slowly strengthening and all my health problems gone.

I have full confidence in the macrobiotic diet and I am committed to promote it to people who suffer like I did.

Lay Hoon

While at university, I had a problem with my bone density. I took lots of dairy milk at advice of doctors. However, the problem persisted.

Then I discovered macrobiotics and on June’s advice, I changed to a macrobiotic diet and stopped taking dairy milk, eggs and meat products. Following new tests, results show my bone density has improved and I find it amazing.

Today, instead of dairy milk, I take more seaweed and dark green vegetables together with whole grains, cereals, beans, seeds and nuts. I have unpasteurized miso soup boiled with macrobiotic seaweed and organic root vegetables at least once a day. I am a vegan now and feel very healthy and happy.

Lisa Wong

I used to be healthy and happy except for one matter. I succumbed to urinary tract infections easily. I suffered burning pain each time I passed urine which was intolerable. I have been on antibiotics for the past 10 years; I even took as much as 100 tablets in a course. However, the condition persisted until I changed my diet upon June Lim’s advice at Woods Macrobiotics.

June told me I had been poisoned by sugar and to stop consuming food and beverages with sugar, even sweet fruit juices and sweet fruits. She recommended sugar substitutes like mirin (a fermented rice syrup) or barley and rice malt (a sprouted rice malt made from brown rice). She said these alternative sugars made from complex carbohydrates are more ideal than simple sugar. Strangely enough, my urinary tract infection has since healed just by changing my diet to macrobiotics. Even the cakes and pastry at Woods are made without simple sugar.

Now my whole family dines at Woods Macrobiotics. The friendly and warm service always makes my day. Macrobiotic food is as delicious and tasty as any other food and a much healthier choice for me.

I am grateful to June and Woods Macrobiotics.

M Wong

When I had to take over my family business 13 years ago, I painfully resigned from my well-paid job in England and returned to Malaysia. I was going through a period of sorrow, stress and pain because my father died of cancer during that time. I lost my temper easily and was emotional and hysterical. Very soon I developed lupus. I could not lift my arms and developed chronic fatigue, joint pain and excruciating pain. Steroid medication became my companion.

Seven years ago, my platelet count was merely 7. Due to fatigue, I took excessive sweet food, chocolate, spaghetti, pizza, curry and coffee with lots of refined sugar. I then saw a Chinese physician who managed to heal my joint pain. Later my immune system worsened and I was admitted to hospital. I felt so weak that I could not even talk. Business travel and office work were painful suffering for me. The last time my condition worsened, I had infected kidneys. I visited many doctors and Chinese physicians, but they could not help much. I was in despair and distress and knew that taking steroid and drugs for the rest of my life is not what I wanted in life.

Two years ago, I finally consulted June Lim of Woods Macrobiotics through a friend’s recommendation. She planned a specific menu and advised me to reduce steroid intake. I started a macrobiotic diet and avoided yin foods such as sweet juices, fruits, potato, nightshade vegetables, raw food, meat, dairy, sugar, coffee, cream cakes and white rice. I was told to cut off oil for one month. My food taste was adjusted to be a bit more salty and to include one umeboshi plum every morning. Millet is my staple now. Slowly my energy level improved and I was able to get more involved in my work. Regular tests and medical reports boosted my confidence and my health condition gradually improved. My family, doctors and colleges were amazed at the result. My creatinine level at 200 was reduced to the normal 60, and my platelet count increased to 11.

I have stopped steroid and have regained health. I can travel long distances at ease and office chores are no longer a problem anymore. I can cope with stress and look at things in a wholesome perspective. Life is definitely worth living.

I know there is hope for those who suffer in silence if only they are willing to change their diet. I wish to share my experience and am grateful to June for what she does to mankind and the environment.