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Macrobiotics & The Dynamics of Relationship

One-day cooking class for beginners (Vegan)

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Powerful Sprouted Millet Dumpling, non-gluten

Most dumplings are made from refined glutinous white rice. This type of rice is presoaked and fry with oil. There can be a variety of fillings such as pork, chicken, abalone, chestnut, salted fish and egg yoke. After wrapping in bamboo leaves, the dumplings are steamed for an hour in water. As they are oily […]

The Healing powder of Roses

Roses have their origin from China. They are not only planted for decorative purpose but also for the medicinal healing qualities. When I visited my friend, Tai-ling and KK in South Australia during the winter, I was amazed by how roses thrived in the cold winter and still blooming with grace and pride. There were […]