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Recipe Matcha Latte

Matcha Latte 1 portion Organic ingredients: ½ teaspoon Unsui organic matcha powder 150ml Nature Soy milk in 1-LTetra pack (Pure Harvest) Method: In a stainless steel pot, bring the soymilk to a boil. In a teacup, put in the matcha powder, add a little cold soymilk to dissolve the matcha powder. A 100-stick bamboo cha-sen […]

The healing power of Macrobiotic tea

3-YEAR ORGANIC HIRA BANCHA 3-年有机番茶 There is an old saying that people who drink the tea made from tea leaves that are harvested on the eighty-eighth day after the first day of spring will stay in a perfect state of health and live longer. The tealeaves gathered on this day are the best in its […]