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Macro Carob pudding

Macro Carob pudding 4 servings Organic ingredients 4 tbsp carob powder 420ml filtered water 4tbsp rice malt 2 ¾ tsp kanten powder, unbleached Pinch of sea salt Method In a pot, put in water and kanten powder, stand for 10-15 minutes. Bring to a boil, reduce flame and cook until kanten dissolves,  about 10 minutes, […]

The healthiest dessert in the world: Black sesame truffle, organic

This week, I wish to share with you the healthiest dessert in the world, the black sesame truffle, made with organic ingredients. On top of that they are vegan, non-gluten and free from refined sugar. I love this chewy dessert very much. When you chew on them, you surely feel a sense of tranquility and […]